WATCH: Woman confronts man displaying Nazi flag at his home


After Saturday's deadly demonstration by KKK and neo-Nazi groups in Charlottesville, Virginia, a North Carolina woman decided she could no longer stay quiet about a man flying a Nazi flag in her town.

Page Braswell, 44, told the Charlotte Observer that she didn't know her neighbor, who identified himself as Joe Love, before approaching him in his driveway on Sunday.

"Hey! What's up with the Nazi flag?" Braswell can be seen asking Love in a video that has been stirring strong reaction online.

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Love lashed back against Braswell, asking, "What's it to you? Do you make the payments on this f***ing house?"

He then proceeded to launch an expletive-laden tirade at Braswell, before asking her again, "What's it to you?"

"Because this is America, not Nazi Germany," she replied while recording the exchange.

Love told Braswell he was not a Nazi but “this is Nazi f---ing America.”

The confrontation lasted for roughly two minutes and ended with Braswell safely driving away from the man's residence. Since posting the video to Facebook, Braswell's exchange with Love has garnered more than 450,000 views.

"We need to ALL stand against Nazis," Braswell captioned the video. "Share far and wide; let's run this Nazi out of town. For real."

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The following day, Love justified flying the Nazi symbol, telling Gaston Gazette that he “doesn’t hate anybody,” and he’s “not trying to wipe out no race.”

He said he just put up the flag after several of his other flags had been stolen.

“I put three different flags out here, which were all Confederate flags, every one of them got stolen,” he said. “I put this one up, nobody wants it.”

However, Love told the outlet he later plans to swap the Nazi flag for a Confederate flag if it will “make the world a better place.”