Phony Mike Pence 2020 website trolls the vice president in stunning fashion


A parody website of an official campaign platform for Vice President Mike Pence is circulating throughout Twitter -- and social media is reacting in standard fashion.

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For a time last week, screenshots from a 2020 campaign website for Mike Pence,, raised many eyebrows online, especially following recent reports that Pence was privately eyeing the presidency amid growing controversies within the Trump administration -- reports Pence vociferously denied shortly after.

Democratic operative Scott Dworkin was among the first to tweet out images from the website to his 196,000 followers on Wednesday.

"This Mike Pence for President website is amazing :)," he wrote before sharing a link to the website.

Later, Julia Ioffe, a reporter for The Atlantic tweeted: "Someone hacked the Vice President's page." And a handful of others echoed the same sentiments on Twitter.

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The site references an array of Pence's retrograde views on LGBT rights, which has its own section on the page that redirects to, in addition to his reported habit of addressing his wife as "Mother."

As it turned out, however, the website was just a parody created by the comedy platform Funny or Die earlier this year for April Fools, the New York Magazine reported.

The website remains online.