Police say woman poured anti-freeze in grandma's juice in plot to poison her

Police say a woman attempted to poison her grandmother with liquid-antifreeze, AP reported.

Elise Conroy, 26, was arrested Saturday and charged with the attempted murder of her 84-year-old grandmother, Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp told the outlet.

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Authorities say Conroy resided with her grandmother, who was identified as L.E., in Roxbury Township, NJ.

Conroy reportedly purchased the anti-freeze from a local store in July with the purpose of poisoning her grandmother.

Prosecutors say Conroy poured the liquid into juice and allegedly gave the cup to the older woman.

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Police said Conroy's grandmother took a sip of the tainted juice and suspected something was wrong.

The older woman called police shortly after but did not require medical attention, according to the Daily Record of Morris County.

Authorities have yet to determine Conroy's motive behind the attempt.