Astrologers warn upcoming solar eclipse could spell disaster for Trump


While many Americans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming total solar eclipse, which will be the first of its kind since 1979, some astrologers are cautioning one person in particular to be wary about the celestial event.

And that person happens to be Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

Wade Caves, an astrological consultant who published a lengthy analysis of the upcoming solar eclipse in its relation to Donald Trump's presidency, claims that the stars have been in POTUS' favor since the very beginning of his White House run.

Caves points out that there was a total lunar eclipse when Trump was born on June 14, 1946, which he believes makes him more susceptible to the power of the moon.

"The RNC put Donald Trump's name forward on a lunation – in this case, a full Moon," Caves says, linking the two events.

"On election day itself, Mars was hovering in the final degree of Capricorn, precisely where we find the Moon in this nomination chart," he continued. "These helped and aided Trump, put the wind at his back and give him weapons he could use because he has these chart features natally – a full Moon, and Mars in the final degrees of a sign."

Although Caves claims that star and planetary alignment have aided the president's career thus far, he cautions that disaster may loom just over the horizon for Trump because of the upcoming eclipse.

Caves notes that the position of the August 21 eclipse in relation to the star Al Jabhah, which is located in the mane of the constellation Leo, typically "brings loss and danger," which, in the case of "a military officer" -- such as the Commander in Chief -- could mean "danger of mutiny and murder by his soldiers."

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A second reason this eclipse might be significant for President Trump is because it's happening while the sun is in Leo, which happens every year between July 23 and August 22.

In an article for, Astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss explains that, in ancient astrology, Leo eclipses are connected to the fall of kings, which may seem relevant enough to Caves prediction on its own.

But when this historical fact is viewed in conjunction with Trump's natal, or birth, chart, Weiss says things only get weirder.

"To get technical for a minute: This eclipse is at 28 degrees of Leo, the sign of kings. Trump's ascendant (or rising sign, the place where his chart begins) is at 29 degrees of Leo," she wrote. "So that's considered an exact match. The eclipse is also just a couple of degrees from his Mars—Mars is the sign of anger, aggression, rage, violence, and power."

So, where does all of this upcoming celestial turmoil exactly mean for Trump?

"I'm not sure that I want to say this all points to Trump's death, although I feel I'd be well within my bounds astrologically to make such a prediction given the symbolism," Caves wrote in his analysis. "To me, it's equally possible that there will be a sudden health issue that lands on Trump's shoulders, pulling him out of the Oval. It's also quite reasonable to suspect ousting, either through official channels (i.e., impeachment) or a mutiny behind closed doors."

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But not everyone in the astrology community is buying into Caves' doomsayer analysis.

Weiss, the astrologer who spoke with, believes that there is always more than one way to read the stars, noting that instead of disaster, the upcoming eclipse could bring about a rather prosperous time for Trump.

"You could see this eclipse as having the potential to wipe the slate clean from everything everyone has believed about Trump before," she wrote. "Everyone will see him in a new light. It could humble him, and maybe because it's on his Mars he'll become less aggressive."

However, Caves damning claims aren't without at least one eerie iota of historical backing.

Newsweek notes that Astrologer Marjorie Orr pointed out last November, right after Trump was elected, that the upcoming solar eclipse is part of a group of celestial events referred to as the Saros series.

According to Orr, the Saros series has included eclipses in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999 -- all years which coincide with major political events, including President Bill Clinton's impeachment, the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's death and the attempted assassination of President William Taft.

So, will August 21 bring with it an event of this caliber?

Truthfully, only time will tell.

But considering our current political situation, it's almost more difficult to imagine something major not happening over the next few weeks.

(h/t Newsweek)

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