Daughter stunned after seeing long-dead mother watering plants on Google Street View

A Florida woman said she was stunned to see her long-dead mother on Google Street View a year and a half after her death.

Denise Underhill, who emigrated to Florida from England, told the Tamworth Herald that she had an urge to check up on her old home via the search engine's satellite imaging to see if the new owners changed it any.

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"As I went about my housework, I somehow instantaneously had the impulse to call my mother but realizing that it was completely out of the question," Underhill told the local outlet.

"I decided to Google Earth my mother's home to see how it looked, considering, since she had passed away in 2015 and the property had been sold," she said.

Google Street View

Instead, the woman was shocked to see an image of her mother on the technology, watering the front garden of her home -- what Underhill described as a fitting image of her mother as it was something she did regularly.

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"I got the BIGGEST surprise EVER! I just couldn't believe it. At the foot of the driveway was my mother. She was watering the garden, just as she always did," Underhill said.

"I was absolutely astounded – it made my day. You never know what photos are being taken but they really do last a lifetime. I think someone wanted me to see this."