Woman found guilty after wearing fake penis and tricking blindfolded friend into having sex


A British woman who used a plastic penis to dupe her female friend into having sex with her on numerous occasions was found guilty of sexual assault on Thursday.

Gayle Newland, 27, who was first convicted of sexual assault in September 2015, was later found guilty on three counts of sexual assault after a retrial in June, BBC reported.

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Newland, who was sentenced to seven years in prison, was initially sentenced to eight years for the same crime in November 2015, but her conviction was overturned after officials argued the judge handling her case was being unfair.

According to The Guardian, Newland's female friend claimed she was unaware that she was sleeping with Newland due to the great lengths she went to conceal her identity.

The two first met in 2011, while they were attending the University of Chester.

The outlet reports that Newland tricked her friend by taking on the persona of a man named Kye Fortune, who the girl befriended and later went on to date. Newland also reportedly created a Facebook page and posted photos of American men on the profile to make the disguise more believable.

Newland met her friend pretending to be Fortune in February 2013, but instructed her to wear a blind fold whenever they met up.

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​​"There was no point until the day I took the blindfold off that I thought for one second that a woman was the person behind this," Newland's friend said in court. Fortune told her to wear a blindfold was because she claimed to be recovering from a brain tumor operation and had been "badly injured and disfigured."

During the hearing, Newland's friend said she would have never consented to having sex with Newland if she knew it was her.

The night Newland's cover was blown, authorities said she attempted to commit suicide and ended up apologizing to her friend via text message for lying about her identity.

Newland has since been required to register as a sex offender.