Twitter erupts over woman's eyebrows during Trump speech


President Donald Trump delivered a statement on health care on Monday after meeting with a group of citizens who the White House is describing as "victims of Obamacare."

Standing behind Trump during his remarks were a few of the so-called "victims," one of which has seemingly captured the attention of social media users across the nation -- and not in a very nice way.

The mystery woman is currently the target of cruel jokes on Twitter because of her uniquely shaped eyebrows.

One user joked that, as Trump has argued about Obamacare, the woman's brows should be repealed and replaced.

Another user was quick to point out the woman's eyebrows bared a natural resemblance to a mathematical symbol.

A few even joked that Obamacare might be blame for the state of her facial hair.

With the gravity of the situation at hand here, all we have to say is this: Twitter, c'mon -- you can do better.

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