Twitter celebrates 'Malia Obama Day' instead of Fourth of July -- sparking conservative fury

Both sides of the aisle had a lot to say on Twitter this July 4th.

With the current political climate, many on the left found it more difficult than usual to celebrate the United States.

Rather be uneasy celebrating the day off as Independence Day, many took to Twitter to explain why they decided to set off fireworks and have a barbecue for another reason - Malia Obama Day.

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The former first daughter turned 19 on July 4, and got plenty of internet love as some celebrated her birth as a national holiday.

One person declaring that others were "still in 1776" by celebrating Independence Day.

See how people chose to celebrate "Malia Obama Day":

Chance the Rapper, who is a family friend of the Obamas, sent his Malia Obama Day greetings to his fans in a tweet that garnered almost 289,000 likes.

Honoring the soon to be Harvard freshman rather than celebrating the 241st year of America's independence from Britain caused many people to cry foul.

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Some even accused those who toasted the former first daughter instead of Independence Day as hating America. This user said those celebrating Malia Obama Day "needed help."

Whether celebrating Malia Obama Day or Independence Day, there were a lot of fireworks on Twitter this Fourth of July.

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