Stalker? Police say man attempted to pose a US senator to meet Ivanka Trump


Police say a man who toted two throwing knives and claimed to be a U.S. senator attempted to gain access to Trump Tower in an attempt to find Ivanka Trump on Thursday.

Adames Benitez was stopped by police at the atrium of President Donald Trump's New York City home around 4 p.m. when he asked for the president's daughter. The 52-year-old man wore a bullet-resistant vest underneath his shirt and had a fake ID, the Associated Press reports.

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Benitez told officials he owned the Manhattan property that bears the Trump family name. According to NBC New York, police described Benitez as an emotionally disturbed person and took him to the hospital shortly after the incident to undergo evaluation.

Officers arrested Benitez on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a forged instrument.

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It is unclear whether or not Benitez has an attorney who can comment on the allegations against him.

Ivanka Trump, who currently lives in Washington, D.C., traveled with her father's delegation to Poland this week and visited the country's "Monument to the Ghetto Heroes" on Thursday, which she called a "deeply moving" experience.