President Trump's portrait still missing from federal walls after nearly six months

After almost 6 months of being president, there's one big thing Donald Trump's presidency is still missing.

The Trump Administration hasn't sent the Government Printing Office his official portrait, according to the Hill.

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"GPO is standing by to reproduce copies of the president and the vice president's photos for official use in Federal facilities, and will do so as soon as the official photo files are provided to us," said GPO spokesman Gary Somerset.

But the delay means that the portrait does not hang in the more than 7,000 agencies that typically display the commander in chief's portrait. Instead, most just have an empty space on the wall.

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For many presidents, printing a portrait is one of the first things they do. Former President Barack Obama had his portrait released a week after he became president.

But Trump's delay is not without precedent. Bill Clinton took about a year to get his out to the GPO.

Some blame the lack of a portrait on the casual pace of a new administration, with Trump falling way behind his predecessors in staffing government positions.

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"The government's career workforce is built to serve whoever is the political leader," Max Stier, president and CEO of Partnership for Public Service, said. "It's part of their DNA, and that presidential portrait is ubiquitous and symbolizes the existing leadership."