Report: Merkel’s husband wants Ivanka and Melania Trump to tour a German climate change center


While President Trump attends G-20 meetings in Hamburg, Germany on Friday, his daughter Ivanka and wife Melania will reportedly be visiting the German Climate Computing Center as part of a city tour for spouses.

According to Bloomberg, "German officials say the idea for the visit came from [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel's husband, Joachim Sauer, a professor of physical and theoretical chemistry."

The center offers computing, data management, and other tools with an emphasis on providing "outstanding research infrastructure for model-based simulations of global climate change and its regional effects."

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But this perspective appears to be at odds with that of Trump who announced last month that he would be withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.

In the past, the U.S. president has called climate change a "hoax." However, in a speech announcing his decision, Trump cited high financial burdens, the loss of millions of jobs, and damage to sectors like coal and natural gas as his reasons for the withdrawal.

Despite backlash from Merkel and others, the New York Times is reporting that other G20 countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Indonesia have given mixed signals about their commitment to enforcing the Paris accord.

While it is unknown what Melania thinks about climate change, first daughter Ivanka has indicated in the past that it was an issue she wanted to support.

However, her influence over her father has come into question since he decided against participating in the international agreement to limit emissions.