President Trump left hanging after Polish first lady appears to reject handshake

President Donald Trump suffered another awkward handshake moment overseas while attending a ceremony with first lady Melania Trump in Poland on Thursday.

The first couple was greeted by their Polish counterparts, President Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, and when the time came for a photo opportunity between the two couples, it appeared a little shaky.

Click through photos of Melania and Ivanka Trump in Poland

The Trumps, who have had previous physical interactions abroad dominate headlines, gave the internet yet another unusual sight. President Trump and President Duda shook hands, reinforcing U.S.-Poland relations on a world stage, and then Trump reached to shake hands with the Polish first lady but she continued walking.

Footage of the moment shows the Polish first lady prepared to greet her American counterpart while by-passing President Trump's open hand, turning the handshake-less U.S. president's beaming smile into a frown.

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It's hardly the first time Trump has made headlines for interactions with other world leaders.

One can't forget when French President Emmanuel Macron described their first encounter as a "moment of truth" following the infamous white-knuckle handshake shared between the two leaders. Or the time Macron appeared to swerve Trump's open hand to hug German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead.