Emmanuel Macron appears to swerve Trump's handshake at NATO to hug Angela Merkel instead

Social media was abuzz on Thursday after another video emerged of an awkward moment surrounding President Trump's body language at a NATO summit in Brussels.

After a video of Trump appearing to push past another European leader to get a prominent position at the NATO gathering went viral, another clip surfaced that seemed to show France's newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, dodging his U.S. counterpart's handshake attempt.

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In the 1-minute clip, Macron is seen walking up a blue carpet to a group of world leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. At first, the French leader appears to be making a move for Trump, whose hands are outstretched in a way that suggests a warm welcome.

But, at the last moment, Macron makes a beeline for Merkel instead, then shaking hands with a few other world leaders before partaking in another socially scrutinized handshake-off with the U.S. president.

The French president shared a video of the encounter on his Twitter account Thursday.

Though it is unclear as to whether or not Macron's swerve was deliberate, the moment arrives after another buzzed-about, rather fierce handshake between the two earlier this week.

Macron's post has since gone viral, with many of his followers seeming to appreciate his apparent snub towards Trump:

Twitter reacts to Macron's swerve
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Twitter reacts to Macron's swerve
OH. MY. GOD. TRUMP'S FACE French PM @EmmanuelMacron swerves out of Trump's way to meet Angela Merkel first https://t.co/ctR6Q4M4YB
Fabulous shade thrown by Macron here. The swerve, the handshake order, the alpha arm pat (which Trump tries to equa… https://t.co/06iZs7TBSv
@Surf_Photo The Macron swerve was priceless
@Ex_Dubliner_APJ See Macron play a swerve blinder? Pure joy
To my absolute surprise I felt a milisecond of empathy for Trump at the moment of swerve But then he tried his hand… https://t.co/xjBFp9oISi
Macron makes a tease, a last-sec swerve away from Trump toward Merkel, and then successfully braces for Trump's psy… https://t.co/mvUJGxUzxb
The fact that Trump has both hands palms out to greet Macron makes the last minute body swerve to Merkel even sweet… https://t.co/SOlM84chZu
I'd like to see other world leaders follow Macron's example - walk towards Trump, body-swerve , greet someone else. He'd hate it.
@RationalPanic - cool dude M. Macron. That swerve to avoid the clutches of Trump & shake Merkel's hand first was quite a manoeuvre ... 😁

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