Kid in Germany brings WWII bomb to kindergarten class

Police evacuated a school in Germany on Wednesday after a "strange object" found by a kindergarten student turned out to be an unexploded World War II bomb.

A student "found an incendiary bomb on a walk in the woods and carried it into the kindergarten," a police spokesperson Andrea Loeb told AFP.

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After the "strange object" was spotted on a shelf, Loeb said teachers immediately notified local authorities and took the children to a playground off site.

The bomb disposal unit rushed to the scene to safely remove the weapon, allowing students and faculty to go back inside the school.

Police warned parents and teachers that the discovery of WWII weaponry is not uncommon in nearby woods and fields, adding that such objects should be reported to authorities immediately if found.

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According to Euronews, the largest evacuation of its kind took place on Christmas day 2016 after 54,000 people were forced to evacuate a one-mile area when a nearly 4,000 pound-bomb Allied bomb was discovered in Augsburg, southern Germany.

A similar incident occurred in Hannover earlier this year when 50,000 people were forced to evacuate a property after construction workers unearthed several unexploded bombs.