North Korea slams 'America first' policies as 'Nazism in the 21st century'


North Korea spoke out against President Trump's "America First" agenda on Tuesday, calling the hegemonic outlook "Nazism in the 21st century."

The criticism from North Korean state media comes as tensions grow between Kim Jong-un and President Trump -- two world leaders diametrically opposed in their views on allowing nuclear capabilities within the Korean Peninsula.

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President Trump's policy is "American version of Nazism far surpassing the fascism in the last century in its ferocious, brutal and chauvinistic nature," the Korean Central News Agency said.

KCNA also slammed U.S. sanctions against North Korea using a World War II comparison, calling them "an unethical and inhumane act, far exceeding the degree of Hitler's blockade of Leningrad."

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The article, titled "We Reject 'American-first Principle' - Nazism in the 21st Century," also criticized the Trump administration for its pulling out of the Paris climate agreement -- calling the decision "an extension of its moves of defying even international law and agreements."

President Trump recently spoke out against China's success in aiding in the de-escalation of North Korea's nuclear weapons testing, saying the nation's efforts have "not worked out."

New U.S. ambassador to China Terry Branstad said that stopping the threat posed by North Korea will be a top priority in his new out-facing role.

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