Senate GOP's Obamacare replacement bill could be made public by Thursday, says Sen. Corker

Repealing and replacing former President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act -- popularly known as Obamacare -- has been a centerpiece of the Republican party platform for years.

The House passed their own version of the replacement American Health Care Act back in May, and now it's the Senate's chance to move health care reform through.

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee says even though he hasn't seen the Senate version of the bill his party members have crafted, he's expecting that it'll be made public as soon as this Thursday.

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Corker appeared on Morning Joe on Tuesday morning to talk about the bill, saying a vote should take place next week.

"I'll tell you this," Corker said. "We will work around the clock to make sure that we understand what's in it and we'll just see."

The GOP's legislative process in the Senate has been attacked by Democrats for the lack of transparency, and Corker himself was somewhat critical of the GOP's crafting the bill without hearings and behind closed doors.

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"I don't want to prejudge, and, you know, I would have liked, as you already know, for this to be a more open process and to have committee hearings," Corker said. "But that's not what we're doing."

He says he'll vote for or against the bill based on how it affects people in his state of Tennessee and the rest of the nation.