Trump's birthday: Oldest American president turns 71, but how will he celebrate?

President Donald Trump turned 71 on Wednesday, notching a new milestone as the oldest president to ever serve.

While former President Ronald Reagan was just shy of his 78th birthday as he left office, Trump beat him in age on Inauguration Day. Trump was more than 70 years old on January 20 2017, whereas Reagan was only 69 on his first Inauguration Day in 1981.

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While some have raised concerns about Trump's, questioning his fitness to handle the stressful job, Trump's doctor gave a glowing report on his health during the 2016 campaign.

Furthermore, data suggests that despite favoring fast food and eschewing exercise, the president, who does not smoke or drink, is likely to live for at least another decade.

But for the 45th president and billionaire, the bigger question on his birthday may be how he will celebrate.

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First lady Melania Trump encouraged supporters to give the president a birthday he would "never forget" by donating in honor of his birth.

The first lady is living at the White House to celebrate the president, having moved there with son Barron only a few days ago, but it's unclear what public plans she may have to mark his birthday.

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The billionaire has celebrated birthdays in style in the past. One of his more lavish parties came in 1996 when then-wife Marla Maples threw him an epic birthday bash at Trump Tower -- which included a speech from his then-teenage daughter Ivanka.

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