Poll: Trump's approval rating sinks after Comey hearing

Following an explosive week for the White House, President Trump's job approval rating has dipped once again, sinking back down to 38 percent.

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According to the latest Gallup daily tracking poll, 38 percent of Americans say they approve of the president's job in office while 58 percent disapprove.

The president began June with a 40 percent approval rating, which quickly sank to his prior presidential low of 36 percent within the first week. His approval rating has wavered in that range since.

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Some of the president's dip in support may be related to developments associated with fired FBI Director James Comey, who testified last week that Trump directed him to let investigations into former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn go.

According to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, most Americans find Comey to be more trustworthy than President Trump.

More people trust Comey by a 20-point margin, as 46 percent to 26 percent, say he is more honest and trustworthy than the president.

Among those polled that watched Comey's historic testimony on Thursday, 43 percent said that it didn't change their minds, while 18 percent said it improved their view of Trump and 39 percent saying it worsened their view of the president.

Attorney General JeffSessions is set to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, and has said he will answer questions about his dealings with Russian officials.