Comey's response to sensitive Russia questions immediately becomes new meme

Former FBI Director James Comey was questioned on multiple highly-classified topics during his Senate hearing on Thursday -- and his repeated response just became the internet's favorite new meme.

When asked what he knows about Russian bank Vnesheconombank, the CEO of which reportedly met with Jared Kushner in December before the Trump administration took office, Comey replied, "Nothing that I can talk about in an open setting."

The response also cropped up when Comey was asked about the infamous Trump dossier and whether or not he believes President Trump colluded with Russia.

Naturally, Twitter users couldn't help but notice that Comey's reply would actually be a pretty good way to get them out of answering difficult questions, too.

But while some saw the humor behind the snappy clap back, others were merely annoyed by Comey's skillful topic evading.

Annoying or not, it seems the evergreen response isn't going away anytime soon.

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