Family confirms 'miracle baby' born without a nose is dead at age 2


A two-year-old boy from Alabama dubbed the "miracle baby," died on Saturday due to a rare condition.

Eli Thompson was born in March 2015 without a nose and reportedly received a tracheotomy at just 5-days-old, according to He was diagnosed with a facial condition at birth called congenital arhinia, which has only been recorded in 30 cases around the world.

Thompson's father, Jeremy Finch, confirmed the sad news via Facebook on Sunday.

"We lost our little buddy last night," Finch posted on Facebook.

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"He finished his race a lot earlier than we would have liked, but it was God's time to bring him back home. I'll forever look forward to seeing him at the gates of Heaven waiting on me to give me another one of his famous fist bumps! I love you little man. Rest in peace with my Father," Finch concluded.

His father created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the toddler's funeral.

"I'm a proud man and I don't like to ask for anything, but my baby's funeral expenses are more than we can bear at this time," Finch wrote. "If we raise more than we need, the excess will be given to charity in his name."

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Thompson gained an online following in April 2015 after his parents opened up about their son's rare condition, telling Today: "He's just like any other baby. He just doesn't have a nose."

"He touched a lot of people's lives," his father told "A lot of people cared about him."

While his father said he could never be able to make sense of why his son was born with the condition, he said that he was "so blessed to have had this beautiful boy in my life."