Biological mom keeps infant born with rare birth defect after would-be adoptive mom abandons her

Adoptive Mom Abandons Baby In Hospital After Being Born with Rare Condition
Adoptive Mom Abandons Baby In Hospital After Being Born with Rare Condition

Louisiana native Christina Fisher was not in the right place to raise a child when she found out she was pregnant last year.

Considering the baby's father was not in the picture, and Fisher describes her own situation as "basically homeless," she made the difficult decision to put her baby up for adoption.

After weeks of keeping in contact with an agency and meeting potential adoptive parents, Fisher was prepared to give her newborn, Abigail Lynn, away to a family that was more well-suited to care for her.

But on January 11, when Fisher gave birth, doctor's diagnosed her baby with a rare condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, which is a rare congenital disorder characterized by facial, such as absent cheekbones, drooping eyes, and malformed or missing ears.

"It was not detected in the amniocentesis or in the ultrasound," Fisher wrote on her GoFundMe page. "The adoptive mom left the hospital crying saying how deformed she is ...... and (I) never heard from her again."

But instead of entering full-blown crisis mode after the would-be adoptive mom abandoned them, Fisher said, "that is when I realized she is meant to be mine."

Photos of Fisher and Abigail:

After making the courageous decision to keep Abigail, Fisher started a GoFundMe page, desperately seeking help to cover the financial burden of raising a child she thought she had already found a home for.

"Now [sic] cause of her needs I am unable to go back to work fulltime yet and am getting in a bit of a strain rite now. I was not fully prepared for her but now i can no longer see my life without either one of my daughters."

Fisher's other daughter, 18-year-old Debra, has already graduated high school in Louisiana where Fisher's family resides.

According to People, Fisher and her baby are living with a friend in a two-bedroom apartment. She's working at a fast food restaurant to support her newborn daughter.

Though the adoption agency was reportedly "appalled" by the news, and the family has been "flagged" in the agency's system, Fisher says she has no plans to ever share details about the ordeal with her baby girl.

"That kind of rejection from someone so shallow ... she doesn't need to know about it," she said. "They missed out on the most amazing baby in the world."