Florida woman finds python wrapped in her blanket while doing laundry

This is the stuff of nightmares.

A Florida woman said she received quite the scare when she found a python wrapped around her pet's blanket while she was doing laundry.

Juanita Tedesco told WOFL that she contacted police immediately after spotting the reptile. She believes the snake picked up on her rat's scent on the blanket.

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"I was rinsing out the rat blankets and a blanket fell down, and he was there all wrapped around the blanket," Tedesco said, "and he tried to eat it [the blanket], and it was really gross."

Mike Dellatorre, the lieutenant officer for the Cocoa Police Department, told the local outlet he believes the python was likely a pet that wandered off from its home.

This is reportedly the state's third python sighting in a week.

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Police said an Orlando resident found a snake coiled on the floor inside of his kitchen pantry on Tuesday. And another man found a python that measured to roughly 8 feet long in his garage in Pembroke Pines, near Miami.