Dear God, why are there so many snakes in this ball?

A photo of wild snakes creepily wrapping themselves into a large ball has gone viral.

A North Carolina woman says she posted the image to Twitter after seeing about 20 snakes balled up in the grass Monday morning.

"No one's going to believe if I didn't take a picture. So, pics or it didn't happen," Christine Proffitt told WBTV. "Everyday I see four or five snakes every time, but I've never seen 10 to 20 all balled up like that,"

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Proffitt, who was taking a stroll along the local trail early Monday, says she tweeted the photo to warn people online of what is believed to be a mating ball of watersnakes.

She captioned the photo along with the message: "Watch out on the greenway today guys."

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"My nice walk turned into a sprint race really fast," Proffitt said.

Though Proffitt told reporters she was in a rush to flee after spotting the mound of snakes, she joked that her "first instinct was 'pics or it didn't happen.'"

"I would have taken more but I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could," she added.

Fortunately for Proffitt, experts are saying the snakes, based on the photos, are a mix of Brown Watersnakes and Northern Watersnakes -- and therefore non-venomous.