Trump's stamina forces him to slip up, skip event over exhaustion

President Donald Trump's first foreign trip abroad has been marked sloppy and at least one missed event -- sparking speculation that the president lacks the stamina required for the job.

The president, who entered the White House older than all his predecessors at 70 years of age, may have discovered that the jet lag and general tiredness that comes from international travel has hindered his abilities to stay entirely on message.

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First, during his much-anticipated speech in Saudi Arabia addressing the perils of "Islamist extremism" the president misspoke at one point, instead saying "Islamic extremism."

While the single-letter gaffe may seem minor, the difference between "Islamist" and "Islamic" is noteworthy in the context of terror and extremism. An Islamist by definition is someone who supports Islamic militancy or fundamentalism, whereas Islamic simply relates to Islam, meaning the former indicates a smaller community of extremists.

A White House official responded to the small misstatement by calling the president "just an exhausted guy."

Then later, that exhaustion forced him to back out of an event in which he was scheduled to discuss the battle against extremism on social media. Fortunately, his daughter Ivanka Trump stepped in, giving a brief speech where she said, "Social media is an incredibly powerful tool which empowers the people."

The gathering is reportedly the second event in the last week in which she has stepped in for father. She also helped lead a meeting on human trafficking at the White House last week. She received some backlash at that event, when her name card did not include a title, sparking some speculation that the White House still has not formalized her role. At the time, Trump gave a commencement address to the graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Trump's stamina during his first foreign trip has drawn comparisons to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who often faced questions surrounding her physical ability to hold the job during the campaign for the White House, despite being years younger than Trump.

Clinton logged nearly one million miles of travel during her time as secretary of state during 401 total days spent on the road across her four-year tenure in the office.

Trump has been busy on his first foreign trip, making multiple speeches, signing a $109.7 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia and becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall.

While Trump is the oldest person to enter office on day one, he is not the oldest person to be president. Former President Ronald Reagan was nearly 78 years old on his final day in the White House.