Report: Former FBI Director James Comey once hid among curtains to avoid Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey reportedly once tried to hide among the curtains in the White House Blue Room in order to avoid speaking with PresidentTrump.

According to a New York Times report, Comey tried to blend into the backdrop during a visit for a ceremony honoring law enforcement officials who provided security at the inauguration.

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He shared the incident with his friend, Brookings Institution fellow Benjamin Wittes, who then recounted it to the New York Times.

Comey, who towers above White House staff at 6 feet 8 inches tall, stood near the dark blue curtains in the back of the room, hoping Trump would not spot him in his similarly colored suit.

"He thought he had gotten through and not been noticed or singled out and that he was going to get away without an individual interaction," Wittes told the New York Times.

In spite of his disguise, Trump spotted Comey and called out to him joking that the then-FBI director had become more famous than the president himself.

To make matters even more awkward, Trump reportedly went in for a hug when Comey was only trying to shake his hand.

"It was bad enough there was going to be a handshake. And Comey has long arms so Comey said he pre-emptively reached out for a handshake and grabbed the president's hand," Wittes said.

"But Trump pulled him into an embrace and Comey didn't reciprocate. If you look at the video, it's one person shaking hands and another hugging."

Here's a video of the encounter, in which you can even see that Trump blew Comey a little kiss:

The New York Times report included the story to further describe Comey's relationship with the president, who abruptly fired him last week. Comey had reportedly been trying to distance himself from Trump to ensure that the FBI stayed independent from the White House.

Last week, Sean Spicer tried to hide among the White House bushes in order to avoid answering questions about Comey's firing.

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