Poll: Nearly a quarter of young people left the Republican party over the past year


The tumultuous 2016 election and the rocky start of President Donald's Trump administration have had an impact on young voters -- with some opting to leave their political party.

While most voters have remained loyal to their party, at least 10 percent of Democrats and Republicans left their party and joined the other.

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A newly released Pew Research Center study tracked voters' party affiliations from December 2015 through March 2017, using a series of five surveys.

The study found that 23 percent of Republicans aged 18-29 defected to the Democratic Party, while just nine percent of Democrats in the same age bracket defected to the GOP.

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The surveys found that 87 percent of Republicans who initially identified with the GOP or leaned Republican had remained with the party over the course of four surveys, or moved away but had returned by March 2017.

There was a similar trend on the Democratic Party side, with 88 percent of those surveyed remaining or returning to the blue party over the course of the study.

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Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have joined in the backlash, following President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey last week. As more details come to light, some congressmen have compared the scandal to Watergate and have openly discussed the possibility of impeachment.