Cockroaches may be inside in PlayStation 4

Has your PlayStation 4 been acting up lately? Give it shake and you might find a surprise: cockroaches.

According to Patrick Che of Manhattan-based XCubicle, a console repair shop, the pests are one of the most popular causes for PS4 crashes.

As it turns out, the pests are rather fond of warm dark places, which makes Sony's game console a prime location to take up residence, Che said in an interview with Kotaku.

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"Right now, with as dry as its been, they have to come inside for moisture and homeowners usually provide a good source of moisture," said Shane James, vice president of the company.
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The new housing construction is Dallas is great, except when it upsets a spider's natural home. That's why Marcus Poole believes that spiders have become the number one pest problem for Dallas-area homeowners. "A lot of these insects and arachnids habitats are being disturbed, so then they are looking for new places to live," said Poole, operations manager and licensed technician with PROZ Pest Control. "These houses that have been built, they say, that looks like a good place, they move in and take up residence."
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Because of the console's wide ventilation grate at the bottom, cockroaches have an easy time entering the device. Not to mention, many gamers arrange their machine horizontally and close to the ground, which leaves the base exposed for critters to settle in more smoothly.

Che says the problems has gotten so pervasive that his stores have retrieved garbage bags full of dead cockroaches from PS4s, and are even enforcing a $25 "roach fee" to repair infested consoles.

Another repair console repairman told Kotaku that the majority of people in these cases aren't even aware of their bug friends lodging in the console.

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"The PS4's internal power supply fries roaches onto its components, which can stop the PS4 from turning on," Kotaku adds.

But if you're concerned about these critters moving into your console, Kotaku advises you to keep your PS4 high off of the ground, in an area that provides enough airflow.

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