Conservative radio host Rick Wiles calls Ivanka Trump a 'Kabbala practicing, evil woman'

Conservative radio host Rick Wiles recently turned his back on the Trump administration and is now directing his outrage at the president's daughter and advisor.

Wiles -- who is a Christian pastor and hosts a "Trunews" radio program -- was a steadfast Trump supporter until the administration oversaw airstrikes on Syria's Shayat Airfields, a move in retaliation to the assumed Assad regime-led chemical attacks that killed men, women and children in Syria's Idlib Province.

Wiles has attacked the administration's Syria move since last week's airstrikes, and one of his sermons from last Sunday was played this week on the Trunews program, including some fiery language about Ivanka Trump and her husband -- who is also a senior adviser to Trump -- Jared Kushner.

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Wiles attacked Ivanka Trump and Kushner for their Orthodox Judaism religion, saying their positions within the administration are aiding "the deep state cabal in the White House."

Wiles then went on to compare President Trump's eldest daughter to the daughter of Herod, a biblical figure who convinced her father to behead John the Baptist.

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"That's who I think Ivanka Trump is," Wiles said. "She's a Kabbala practicing, evil woman whispering evil things in the ear of her father. She's going to the grave site of an old dead Kabbala practitioner and getting spirits telling her what to do ... We have to pray against witchcraft in high places, witchcraft that plans to kill millions of people. ... [Ivanka and Jared] are cleaning out the White House to surround President Trump with their Kabbala practitioners, and the only advice he is going to get will be from people who are evil. And the church is letting this happen."

Wiles names himself as a "citizen reporter who decided to take on the Big News Media" on the Trunews website.