Recent ICE raids reportedly result in 367 detentions

A spate of raids conducted by officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, in late March and early April resulted in 367 detentions of undocumented immigrants, reports the Daily Caller.

States targeted included Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming. New York City and Washington DC were also areas of focus.

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Alleged offenses among them include child abuse, sex trafficking, and rape. However, some detainees carried charges of DUIs, drug possession, and other non-violent offenses.

Under President Obama, those with prior DUIs, for example, would have been considered a lower-tier deportation priority.

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The top tier, according to Fusion, included those, "suspected of terrorism or espionage, gang members who were convicted of crimes, and immigrants apprehended at the border while attempting to enter the U.S."

Trump making all offense-committing immigrants of equal and high priority has some worried about how that's going to play out in the longer term.

Reports of domestic abuse have already plummeted in a number of immigrant communities, sparking concern that, due to increased fear of detention, victims are remaining silent, according to NPR.