Bill aims to ban ICE agents from calling themselves police

Immigration officers could soon be banned from identifying themselves as cops.

A house bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Nydia Velázquez of New York aims to block agents with the Department of Homeland Security from wearing clothing or other items that say "police."

It's not uncommon for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to identify themselves as cops during raids -- they'll ask people to meet with them as part of a local investigation.

The tactic is often used to convince people to reveal the whereabouts of family members or to invite officers into their homes without a warrant.

An ICE spokeswoman told CNN "being able to immediately identify yourself as law enforcement may be a life-or-death issue."

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But critics say the practice can upset trust between local police and the community.

And supporters of the bill say it's important now more than ever to crack down on the practice.

The Trump administration has increased immigration raids as part of its commitment to immigration reform. In February, it touted the raids as a "military operation."