Anchor reads breaking news of husband's death during live broadcast

An Indian news broadcaster learned of her own husband's death while reporting about a deadly accident on live television.

Supreet Kaur, who delivers the morning news on IBC24 in Chhattisgarh, India, was reading the bulletin early Saturday morning when a journalist phoned in about fatal car accident resulting in three deaths.

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Though the reporter who called in did not name the victims, Kaur learned her partner was one of the three found dead in the accident based on the incoming details of the call.

"For a moment her voice trembled, but she collected herself and carried on reading the news till the bulletin got over 10 minutes later," Ravikant Mittal, IBC24's editor-in-chief, told the Indian Express Sunday.

Mittal said Kaur broke down in tears once the broadcast concluded after she called back the reporter for more details before telling her family of her husband's death.

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Kaur had been married to her husband for 18 months and has been working with the local news outlet for almost a decade, Mittal said.

Many have taken to Twitter and Facebook to give Kaur condolences and praise her for her journalism.

"We are all with you" was one tweet of now thousands posted in support of Kaur through what many call a devastating tragedy.