College cheerleading squad suspended after anonymous letter alleges prostitution


The Coastal Carolina University cheerleading squad was suspended after an anonymous tip was sent to the school earlier this month, alleging that the cheerleaders were involved in prostitution and other criminal acts on "a long list of things."

An anonymous member of the team told reporters that an investigator stopped into the team's practice this week and disclosed the anonymous letter addressed to university president David DeCenzo on Mar. 7, which alleged that members of the team had been paying others to complete their school work and buying alcoholic beverages for minors, in addition to performing sexual acts in exchange for money.

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Several members of the team were called in for questioning with official at the on-campus police station, where the girls' cellphones were searched. According to the source on the squad, school officials dismissed the girls later and told that had done nothing unlawful.

CCU Vice President of Communications William M. Plate Jr. told a local outlet that there had been no formal incident reports filed against any member of the team that pertained to the current investigation.

But parents and family members of the girls are upset.

Due to the current investigation, the cheerleader's section displayed on the university's online athletics page has been removed, the girls' showcase once scheduled for April 4 is no more and, as heard through the cheerleader, their approaching cheer competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, has been cancelled.

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Recently, several members of the team and loved ones took to social media to condemn the university's course of action.

As of now, the school has declined to comment on the investigation, WMBF reports.