Best college basketball programs of all-time ranked

Every college basketball fan will make an argument as to why their team is the best and with a new all-time ranking of NCAA programs released on Wednesday, they may have some more ammo.

The March Madness playoffs always bring numerous team rankings and predictions about which college will walk away with the title. This year, the Associated Press shook things up a bit and compiled a list of the 100 best college basketball programs of all-time.

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After combing through past polls and assigning points based on NCAA tournament appearances and top rankings, the AP determined that the best program there's ever been is at the University of Kentucky.

Only one of those this year's NCAA Final Four teams breaks into the top 10 on the list. The North Carolina Tarheels earned the number two spot overall.

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Gonzaga, South Carolina and Oregon all reached the Final Four this year for the first time in their schools' histories. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the only team to break into the top 50 on the all-time ranking list, landing at number 41. The South Carolina Gamecocks come in at 62, and the Oregon Ducks are listed at 66.

Check out the top 50 college basketball programs of all-time: