Twitter explodes over meme comparing Donald Trump and viral chicken

A video of a disturbingly large chicken has begun to make rounds on Twitter for different reasons after many viewers started likening the chicken's appearance to that of another Twitter favorite -- President Donald Trump.

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In a clip that has gone viral since its recent upload this week, the giant farm animal is seen leaving a chicken coop and walking around the yard.

But people online have begun to pay less attention to what many have dubbed the "World's Largest Chicken," and instead are focusing on a meme comparing the huge bird to the 45th U.S. President in similarly colored golfing attire.

Twitter user Kalvin Macleod led the way -- though he was hardly alone.

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Twitter reactions to the meme
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Twitter reactions to the meme
@KalvinMacleod who wore it best?
@KalvinMacleod I bet the chicken is the one who gets impeached.
@KalvinMacleod @deb_shelton I'm trying to figure who has time to sit around and search for a chicken that resembles Trump's attire.
.@KalvinMacleod The one on the left is a Jersey Giant. The one on the right is a giant chicken
@KalvinMacleod @JenBCurly Like the rooster, #Trump thinks that the sun comes up to hear him crow
@KalvinMacleod @Reverend_Scott It's an insult to the chicken!
@KalvinMacleod @KurtBusiek the chicken has bigger hands.
@KalvinMacleod @SuShiMat So mean to fowl! For shame!😉
@KalvinMacleod @SimchaFisher this is wildly disrespectful. big chickens are not the same as big turkeys. (I'm such a cornball, lol)
@KalvinMacleod @LobsterCasey this chicken doesn't deserve that!!
@KalvinMacleod @MJAttic coincidence??
@KalvinMacleod @The_Geb I'll ask you to not malign that pure, giant bird again.
@KarakDamnaz The bird does deserve better than comparison to the Tang Dictator @KalvinMacleod
@KalvinMacleod @byseanferrell Both soon to be in the soup.
@KalvinMacleod @UnitedMan3108 Only the one on the left can be called a Cock and be proud of it.
@KalvinMacleod @DirtyWaterNJ444 The chicken on right the looks like he has his hand in his pants like Al Buncy
@KalvinMacleod The rooster has rather large hands though.
@KalvinMacleod @markydoodoo THIS is why I love Twitter. 😀👍🏻

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