Mom faces charges after holding 3-month-old infant under hot water


A teenage mother was arrested Tuesday amid allegations of her abuse towards her 3-month-old infant, police say.

Danielle Hunt, 18, is set to go to trial this summer after being charged with three counts of battery that resulted in serious bodily injury and neglect of her infant son.

Court documents say that the infant was rushed to the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 5, after suffering severe burns to the face and torso, in conjunction to healing fractures to the infant's ribs, skull and vertebrae.

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Documents say Hunt admitted to deliberately holding the three-month-old under hot water with the intent to inflict harm after the baby's dirty diaper leaked onto her bed.

"When parents get frustrated, that's when you're at a higher risk for child abuse and neglect to occur," Audrey Mabe, a parent education supervisor, told FOX 59.

Hunt confessed to similar past situations of abuse. In one particularly harrowing instance, she claims she responded to a dirty diaper by squeezing "the infant's foot until she heard a popping noise," investigators said. The teenage mother also admitted to throwing her baby at a chair after he wouldn't stop crying.

"I can't imagine what that parent felt like to do something like that, to that degree to a child," said Mabe. "You're going through so many transitions yourselves and transcending into adulthood so there's a lot of pressure to be independent, to have a job, have transportation, have it all it all together."

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When investigators asked Hunt about the baby's burns, she allegedly said she held the infant under the scolding hot water until she noticed his skin began burning.

The baby remains hospitalized in "serious but stable condition," according to reports.