Mother faces murder charges in baby's shocking starvation death

A Chicago mother accused of starving her two-month-old son has been charged with first degree murder after allowing her baby to become so skinny that medical personnel says they could see his facial bones and ribs through his skin, according to court records.

Shawnquail Minnis, 22, had given birth to a healthy baby boy, Jashawn McBride, on Sept. 13, 2014. He weighed in at a little over 8 pounds, records show.

But he died just seven weeks later weighing a little more than four pounds, prosecutors say. His death was ruled a homicide by neglect.

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"The victim's face was sunken in, showing his facial bones, and the victim's ribs were visible through his skin," Cook County assistant state's attorney Bryan Grissman said at Minnis' bond hearing Sunday.

Minni's uncle, Tyrone Jordan, testified in the mother's defense, claiming that he saw the baby a week prior to his death and thought he appeared healthy.

"He was smiling and laughing," said Jordan. "He didn't look sick. If he was that skinny, I would have said, 'Shawnquail, go feed this baby.'"

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Currently seven months pregnant, Minnis was arrested Friday and is being held on $2 million bond. She was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, reports say.

Minnis is reported to also have to other children, prosecutors say, who have been placed in foster care.