The internet is going crazy over this girl's eyes in a optical illusion

If you're in the mood to trick your brain, this optical illusion will definitely give it a workout.

This is a photo of a girl you are likely to perceive as having a right eye that is light blue and a left eye that is yellow. But, as it turns out, they were both made using the same exact hue of gray.

The image was created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, an experimental psychologist at Ritsumeikan University in Japan who specializes in optical illusions.

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In his image, it's clear to us that each of the woman's eyes are identical, despite the differing colors in the background. But what's bizarre about this image is that we also perceive the eyes as different colors despite them both being gray.

This effect is due to a phenomenon called color constancy -- the ability to perceive colors of objects, invariant to the color of the light source.

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Basically, in processing the two different backgrounds, your brain is working to make sure the colors you are perceiving remain, well, constant. And with Kitaoka's strawberry illusion that stumped the internet, it was the same thing.