Parents make heartbreaking plea after three-month-old infant dies in baby swing

Parents are being warned of the dangers of a popular baby device after claims surfaced of a three-month old infant dying after being left in one.

According to a report, the infant died in his sleep after choking on his vomit while he was left unattended in a freestanding baby swing.

Devastated parents Emma Granger and Jeremy Rainsford said baby Kayden had been left alone in the swing for no more than ten minutes after being fed and burped.

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Baby boy Kayden and family
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Baby boy Kayden and family

The father-of-two, who was watching Kayden at the time, was shocked to find the three-month-old pale and limp after returning from the bathroom.

"When he's come out, it was already too late," Granger told Yahoo 7.

"Don't leave your children unsupervised in those swings," Granger warns other parents. "They say you can and they're designed to leave them to sleep in them."

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Rainsford said it was unnerving to try and revive his infant son with CPR.

"It broke me," he said reportedly crying.

"He was such a beautiful little boy, he only just learnt how to smile and giggle," Granger added. "We sat there and just talked to him and told him that everybody loved him and that we loved him."

A GoFundMe page has been created to support the couple and their toddler Tyler to cover costs for Kayden's funeral.

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