Creepy footage of door banging in 'haunted morgue' is freaking us all out

A video of a door opening and slamming shut by itself is making rounds on the internet and spooking its viewers.

The clip shows a door being repeatedly opened and shut at the end of an eerie hallway as lights flicker in the background.

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A man believed to be a security guard is seen in the clip walking towards the spooky red door with what appears to be a torch and a cellphone in hand.

As he and the person holding the camera begin to close in on the door, the light turns off and the door stops opening and closing.

At that point, it becomes clear that the sound was coming from a cabinet door.

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Captioned, "Creepy cam footage of forcefully slamming door at Brazilian morgue," the video is believed to have been shot at a former morgue in Brazil.

However, a local report confirms that the video was actually taken at the Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents in Araucária, Paraná, a state in southern Brazil.

The report also states that the agency has since launched an investigation into the viral video and the potential ghouls that may are may not be held accountable.

Watch footage of the spooky door below: