Chilling video surfaces of 'ghost' playing piano by itself

A ghostly presence was captured on an English ghost hunter's camera, which was installed to discover the truth behind an eerie phenomenon - a piano playing entirely by itself.

After seeing the eerie happening alone, experienced ghost hunter Lee Roberts set up a video camera to capture footage at The Village building in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

"The reason we had set up the camera at the piano is that on a few occasions people had heard it play these notes but never caught it so we had no proof," Roberts said.

"My first thought is from a scientific point of view to try to explain it. I have asked in the day time to see if anyone has heard it but no one has witnessed it – but then no one is down there in the day time near it."

He thinks a spirit or demon may be inhabiting the building after paranormal investigators held multiple seances there.

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He says the investigators are known to play with Ouija boards next to the piano.

Roberts' earlier footage at The Village captures members of his team becoming frightened by the instrument after hearing it play notes despite no one being behind it.

But Roberts remains open to non-supernatural explanations for why the piano is playing by itself.

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"The scientific explanation could be that a change in temperature at night is making the piano keys sound," Roberts said. "However there are no windows down there and the temperature is roughly the same both day and night so I don't think that is the explanation."

"It could be something spiritual. A lot of people use the ledge table nearby for their experiments, whether it is with Ouija boards or other methods. But there are lots of people trying to contact spirits so one could be trying to respond by playing the piano to make them take notice."

Just to be sure, however, he and his team have already made plans to return in February to try to make contact.