Canadian town needs your help naming this taxidermied rat


If you can find it in your heart, please take some time out of your day to help name this dead rat.

The District of Bonnyville in Alberta, Canada, is holding a contest to give the poor rodent the perfect name.

Officials posted the contest to their Facebook page, along with a picture of the anonymous critter.

Photo: Facebook

"Agriculture and Waste Services has added this little guy — a Norway rat — to their pest control education toolbox, and want YOUR help to name it," the post says.

Official rules state that the rat will be used to educate residents about the pests.

According to CBC News, Alberta has been rat-free for decades, and they want to stay that way.

The first step to making that reality is making sure locals understand how bad the rat problem could be. Many people in the province don't even know what the pests look like in real life.

Whoever wins the rat-naming contest will receive a $100 gift card to Boston Pizza and a whole bunch of Bonnyville swag.

If you qualify to enter, that's a pretty enticing deal. We suggest submitting any name your heart desires -- besides Boaty McBoatface, that's already taken.