Barack Obama targeted by fake news after Trump's wiretap claim

Former President Barack Obama found himself the subject of fake news recently, when a website wrote the FBI had issued a warrant for his arrest.

The fake news came in the form of a March 4 headline from the satirical website The Last Line of Defense.

The article's text reads as follows:

"Former president and breaker of laws, Barack Obama, will either surrender himself or be picked up by the FBI sometime today to be booked and charged with unlawful use of authority, wire fraud and conspiracy to interfere with free elections after it was confirmed that he ordered the tapping of the phones at Trump Tower during the presidential election."

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All of this, as Snopes elaborates, is false.

The FBI did not issue a warrant for Obama's arrest, nor -- as the website wrote -- did an FBI spokesman named "Todd McMartin" release a statement on the 44th American president's potential arrest.

Fake news aside, President Trump's original claim that Barack Obama wiretapped his Trump Tower phone lines remains without evidence that it actually happened.

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