Twitter pokes fun at Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement PowerPoint

House Speaker Paul Ryan wheeled out a television on Thursday to aid his digital presentation to reporters on the House GOP's plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act -- commonly known as "Obamacare."

Twitter immediately poked fun at the politician.

Congressman Ryan's explaining the details of the GOP's hopeful Obamacare overhaul, while gesturing towards a Panasonic screen with rolled-up sleeves, was low-hanging fruit for eager tweeters.

See Twitter reactions to Paul Ryan's presentation:

Twitter TROLLS Paul Ryan's healthcare PowerPoint
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Twitter TROLLS Paul Ryan's healthcare PowerPoint
So...when do the Paul Ryan PowerPoint presentation photoshops start coming in? Because I'm sitting here waiting, and I don't see any.
LOL Turn to CNN, Government officials hella stressed Turn to Fox News, Everything's fine, Paul Ryan is explaining RyanCare with PowerPoint
@realDonaldTrump Really that's why Paul Ryan is on tv and running a PowerPoint show because everyone loves it...What a joke Very Sad
One time my mom interviewed Paul Ryan and got the impression he was exactly this stupid. Never trust a white dude…
Paul Ryan explaining healthcare with that PowerPoint just now looks like a 15 year old in a high school science class
Paul Ryan's dumbass is giving a PowerPoint presentation right now
Paul Ryan giving a PowerPoint presentation during a press conference is highkey funny tho
Please, SNL, have Steve Carell play Paul Ryan & his 480p Powerpoint presentation this Saturday.
If you are impressed with Paul Ryan's use of powerpoint I can only conclude you have never used a computer.
Paul Ryan: "The time is here the time is now this is the moment and this is the closest that this will ever happen." #PowerPoint #Healthcare
Paul Ryan giving reporters a PowerPoint presentation right now. Happy Thursday!
#PowerPoint is trending in DC. Paul Ryan means business.
Paul Ryan is also using a 4:3 PowerPoint deck on a 16:9 screen with a bunch of fake graphs. I'm convinced.
@CNN @CNNgo Paul Ryan rolls up his sleeves and breaks out the Powerpoint to sell us something he claims we are already demanding. This guy.
Memes for Paul Ryan's powerpoint already starting
Paul Ryan + PowerPoint slides + policy talk = bae
i am so here for photoshops of a paul ryan powerpoint presentation

Twitter users jumped at the meme-worthy moment, comparing the speaker to a teacher and posting photoshopped images of the television screen with images irrelevant to Ryan's presentation.

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison even joined in on the moment -- tweeting a photoshopped image of Ryan with a "no phones" image. The image is in reference to Rep. Jason Chaffetz's advising to spend on healthcare "instead of getting that new iPhone that they just love."

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