Police help 99-year-old woman cross major item off her bucket list

Most people in jail aren't exactly there out of their own volition.

But for one elderly woman in the Netherlands, a brief trip to the slammer was a dream come true.

99-year-old Annie, who hails from the town of Nijmegen-Zuid, recently required the cooperation of area authorities to cross "go to jail" off her bucket list, according to WPVI.

After being contacted by Annie's niece, local police decided it was their duty to arrest the near-centenarian in order to help her achieve her dream.

"(An officer) decided to look into the possibility to grant her request," a police spokersperson told InsideEdition.com. "One thing led to another, and the result is a happy Annie, a ticked off bucket list and some very nice pictures."

The Nijmegen-Zuid Police posted photos of the beaming "jailbird" on its Facebook page, where they've since racked up over 4,000 reactions and nearly 200 shares.

Never have we ever seen someone look so happy to be behind bars.

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