Twitter erupts after Steve Bannon awkwardly touches Reince Priebus

Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon, top advisers to Donald Trump, had a seemingly uncomfortable moment during the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

The Reagan Battalion, which claims to be a conservative news source, posted a GIF of the appearance.

It's been a busy week for the account, which recently took down Milo Yiannopoulos by sharing a video of the personality appearing to condone sexual relationships between "younger boys and older men."

The footage of Priebus and Bannon was not so severe, but it immediately went viral:

In the clip, Bannon reaches over to touch Priebus' leg. Priebus makes a displeased face and swats his hand away.

The cringeworthy scene caused a stir because the relationship between the two Trump advisers has always been scrutinized. Bannon was once president of Breitbart News, which criticized Priebus when he was chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Just last week, Bannon denied any involvement in a piece Breitbart published that claims Priebus may be fired from his job as White House Chief of Staff.

Priebus denied any tension between the men before the incident, telling New York magazine,

It bothers us because it's not true, and we actually like and care about each other a lot. So it's sort of like, if we were just sort of colleagues that kind of tolerate each other every day, maybe it wouldn't bother us. But because it's the total opposite — and we're sitting here, and we're friends and we've kind of been to hell and back ten times together and we like each other — so then we see these things, yeah, it bothers us because it sort of hurts our friendship, and it's not truthful.

See how people are reacting to the tense moment:

Twitter erupts after Bannon touches Priebus
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Twitter erupts after Bannon touches Priebus
@ReaganBattalion @ZeldaShagnasty "Grab em by the Priebus."
@ReaganBattalion that drunken acquaintance who invades your personal space.
@ReaganBattalion @mattdpearce this is actually quite fascinating.

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