Picture of Justin Trudeau's bubble butt is sending Twitter into meltdown

A photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's backside has been making rounds on social media and has sent the internet into a frenzy.

The image currently going viral on Twitter showcases the prime minister's rear assets. In the photo, the 45-year-old can be seen wearing what some say are form-fitting slacks while addressing an audience.

Though the origin of the image is not certain, reporters speculate that it was taken during one of Trudeau's speaking engagements in early February.

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"I usually try not to post about politics on twitter, but I'm ready to start a conversation about Justin Trudeau's butt," one user tweeted in reaction to the photo.

Another remarked, "Currently living for Justin Trudeau's butt."

Others seized the opportunity to size up the prime minister's praised derrière shot against President Trump.

"Omg Justin Trudeau's bubble butt 👅 👅 👅 👅 👅. Canadians are sooo lucky," a user tweeted. "We get 🍊 :("

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And another twitter user addressed the U.S. president directly at his twitter handle, writing, "‪@realDonaldTrump Are you spinning out because everyone hates you or because Justin Trudeau's butt is so much tighter than your dumpy ass?"

Here's a look at some of the best online reactions below: