Ivanka Trump seen with Vladimir Putin in photoshopped image


Ivanka Trump and Vladimir Putin were involved in a fake news story this month, when an odd image of the pair took social media by storm.

The photo, which appears to have surfaced this February, shows President Trump's eldest daughter and Russia's leader mingling at a party -- but that's not the full story.

As Snopes shows, the image is photoshopped.

The original photograph did indeed feature Ivanka Trump and Wendi Murdoch, but the male posing with them was movie director Baz Luhrmann. Photographer Hannah Thomson took the picture at an after-party of the Costume Institute Gala in 2015.

Nonetheless, social media users were duped.

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Ivanka Trump has consistently made headlines since her father's 2016 election win, and this week she was lobbying Congress in support of a tax benefit for child care expenses.