Report: Ivanka Trump pushing for a $500 billion child-care tax benefit


Ivanka Trump has been lobbying lawmakers to support a tax benefit for child care expenses that could cost the government up to an estimated $500 billion over ten years, according to Bloomberg.

She reportedly wants the deduction to be a required element of a tax code overhaul that her father, President Trump, promised weeks ago.

Ivanka Trump and her family

Bloomberg says that the plan "would allow individuals earning less than $250,000 a year, or couples earning less than $500,000, to deduct the cost of child care expenses from their income taxes. Lower-income families without tax liability would get a rebate for their expenses in the form of a larger earned income tax credit."

Despite her backing, the proposal has been criticized for its high price tag and its added advantages for wealthier households.

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Ivanka Trump's involvement in her father's administration has been noticeable even though she has no formal role.

Political author Kate Andersen Brower told USA Today, "I've never seen a (presidential) child this involved in her father's administration...Even George W. Bush, during his father's administration, he was involved in campaign stuff but he wasn't sitting in on meetings at the White House as far as I know."

Ivanka was present during White House meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she has met with small business owners in Baltimore, and she toured a Boeing facility with her father and her husband, a senior adviser to the president.