Astronomer claims there is a dimension where our minds and the paranormal connect

Queen Mary University of London professor of mathematics and astronomy Bernard Carr believes that there is an unfathomable dimension that our consciousness interacts with, reports say.

The concept of dimensions beyond our conception isn't new. Albert Einstein theorized that there are four dimensions. Today many physicists believe there at least 10 dimensions.

But Carr believes there is another dimension that exists in which paranormal entities can connect with our consciousness.

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In the dimension Carr envisages, he says there is a hierarchical structure -- in which humans are placed at the bottom.

Carr writes in a conference abstract,"The model resolves well-known philosophical problems concerning the relationship between matter and mind, elucidates the nature of time, and provides an ontological framework for the interpretation of phenomena such as apparitions, OBEs [out-of-body experiences], NDEs [near-death-experiences], and dreams."

The professor reasoned during a recent talk at the Euro-PA conference that, if the dimension is thought about, it exists.

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Carr says, "An essential feature is that it must involve consciousness, since this underlies all psychic experiences. This already places it at loggerheads with those physicists (the majority) who claim that we are close to a 'Theory Of Everything', since such theories make no reference to consciousness."

"Another feature of the new paradigm is that it must involve some kind of higher dimensional reality structure," he continues.

"Since the only non-physical entities in the Universe of which we have any experience are mental ones, and since the existence of paranormal phenomena suggests that mental entities have to exist in some sort of space."

Carr concludes, "This has profound consequences for physics, psychology, parapsychology and philosophy."