Kellyanne Conway denies report that she was 'sidelined' from TV appearances


President Trump's senior adviser denied a CNN report claiming she was "sidelined" for a week on Wednesday night, saying somebody is "trying to stir up trouble."

The former Trump campaign manage turned pseudo-White House-spokeswoman found herself in hot water last week when she told MSNBC that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the president's "full confidence." Flynn resigned the next day, leaving many media pundits to question Conway's credibility.

Since last week's incident, Conway hadn't appeared on a talk show in over a week. On Wednesday night, though, Conway denied this report during a FOX News appearance with Sean Hannity.

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"Somebody's trying to stir up trouble," she told Hannity. "About 5 percent of what I'm being asked to do in this White House counsel role is TV, and I think that's about right."

A Wednesday CNNMoney report cited White House sources in saying this pause on Conway's TV appearances was intentional, and that Conway "was sidelined from television appearances for a week for making statements that were at odds with the administration's official stance."

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One source told CNN that Conway was "off message."

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"He's the president now and he's his own best messenger," Conway added, commenting on Trump's marathon press conference last week in which he fielded a reported 17 questions. "We don't need to be out there all the time."

Conway alluded to the fact that she'll be on more shows through the rest of the week, and emphasized that most of her colleagues are "not also trying to raise four kids," pointing to that as a possible reason for her media absence.

"There are some people trying to get in my way," Conway said. "I'm only there to serve the president whose there to serve the American people."

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